Jim Cramer’s Picks for Stocks to Buy

Jim Cramer usually has quite strong views on stocks. However, he has some stocks on which he has switched his perspective drastically. EV maker Tesla is one of these stocks. Two major experiences made Cramer change his views on TSLA. Firstly, his daughter drove Tesla’s car and had a very positive experience. Secondly, Cramer realized that Tesla’s balance sheet is on an issue and the company can raise the money it needs. 

“And I’ve been pounding the table ever since,” he said. Cramer also thinks Tesla is a technology company not unlike Nvidia, Microsoft, or Google. Since his conversion, Cramer has grown even more positive on the stock. After Tesla’s Q3 earnings, Cramer commented that the company has left the other automakers in the dust. 

Tesla has proved Cramer’s change of heart was right. This year, the company’s stock has seen gains of 387 percent after reporting three profitable quarters. Tesla has been finally selected to be included in the S&P 500 and will be an S&P 500 component starting December 21.

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