Jiffy Pop: “As Fun To Make As It Is To Eat”

“As much fun to make as it is to eat.” This slogan may be debatable, especially for those born in this millennium, considering the fact that microwavable popcorn now outshines the once prominent Jiffy Pop. Hitting the market in 1959, Jiffy Pop made enjoying popcorn convenient. It could be made in the comfort of one’s home. All you had to do was shake the foil covered pan on top of a heated stove. Gradually the foil top would rise and rise, and BAM, popcorn for all! Or, maybe just for one. Just remember to shake, or else you’d end up with burnt kernels. No doubt that Jiffy Pop was more work than today’s way of making popcorn, but it was thrilling to watch a family favorite be prepared right in front of your eyes. Plus, isn’t there a satisfaction you get when you know you made it yourself? Isn’t it fun?

Check Out These Fun Vintage Jiffy Pop Commercials


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