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10. Kurt Russell – Socata TBM700, Estimated $3.6 Million


After 45 years in the public eye, American actor Kurt Russel is accustomed to being in the spotlight. Recently, he caught the attention of the public when he got himself a private jet – Socata TMB700 jet. Well people, don’t be that surprised. Remember that the veteran actor is an FAA-licensed private pilot with even three different level certificates. His business plan perfectly matched his desire of owning a private jet, and we are glad that this certified pilot finally has a private jet of his own.

11. Jerry Seinfeld – Gulfstream V, Estimated $22 million


Jerry Seinfeld is famous for portraying a semi-fictional version of himself in the iconic American sitcom, Seinfeld. The comedian, actor, producer, and director developed an interest in stand-up comedy after brief stints in college productions. He has been in the comedy business since 1976, always making us laugh. Jerry doesn’t need a bank loan when it comes to purchasing some luxurious stuff like his private jet, Gulfstream, which is estimated around  $22 million.

12. Jackie Chan – Embraer Legacy- Estimated $20 Million


The Chinese actor who currently holds the ‘World Record for Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor,’ Jackie Chan is a well-known name in the Hollywood movie industry. As a man of action, we’re not shocked that he is a big fan of flying. The actor consulted with his wealth management advisor before purchasing a luxurious private jet, Embraer Legacy. We bet the insurance for this baby is not an issue for Jackie.

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13. Justin Bieber – Gulfstream G4, Estimated $60 Million


What is a better way to show that you are in fact a real big star than to get your own private jet? That must have been Justin Bieber’s thought when he made the financially risky decision to buy his own Gulfstream G4. He might not be facing imminent bankruptcy but with a price tag of $65 million and millions in insurance, storage, and maintenance every year, Bieber’s net worth of $200 million doesn’t seem that high.

14. Steven Spielberg – Seven Seas, Estimated $184 Million


We thought the director of Jaws would stay away from the sea but that is not the case. Not only has Steven Spielberg bought a 282 feet yacht, he is going shopping for a bigger one! He purchased the “Seven Seas” thinking it would suffice but apparently, he needs accommodation for more than 12 people. We assume the new one will also have a helipad, a spa, a gym and an infinity pool/cinema!

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