Jamie Foxx’s Cover Of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Theme Song Goes Viral Again

Back in 2002, Jamie Foxx decided to sing The Brady Bunch theme song on his comedy special but not for the reason you might expect! He opened up the joke by saying that he could turn ANY song into something that could get you into a romantic mood, even The Brady Bunch theme song.

The clip went viral once again on social media recently and fans were cracking up. In the clip, he sings the classic theme song but in a very different way. It is almost unrecognizable if you didn’t listen to the lyrics. As he sang the song seductively, the audience starts laughing.

Comedian Jamie Foxx seductively sings ‘The Brady Bunch’ theme song

the brady bunch cast
THE BRADY BUNCH, (back): Christopher Knight, Barry Williams, Ann B. Davis, (center): Eve Plumb, Florence Henderson, Robert Reed, Maureen McCormick, (front): Susan Olsen, Mike Lookinland, (Season 5), 1969-74 / Everett Collection

The person who tweeted the video wrote, “This one of my favorite jokes for a couple reasons. 1. You learn something about Jamie. 2. Hardly any other comics can do this. 3. It’s just downright hilarious.” Do you think it is funny?

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IN LIVING COLOR, Jamie Foxx, (1999), 1990-94
IN LIVING COLOR, Jamie Foxx, (1999), 1990-94. photo: Paul McCallum / TM and Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved / Everett Collection

Jamie is a comedian, actor, and singer. One of his most impressive roles was when he played Ray Charles in the 2005 biopic simply called Ray. He went the Best Actor Academy Award for the role. He was also an athlete and will no doubt use all of his skills in an upcoming series where he will play the famous boxer, Mike Tyson.

Watch Jamie sing The Brady Bunch theme song below:

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