Jaclyn Smith Shares Adorable Photos And Videos Of Her Grandkids

Jaclyn Smith was once an Angel on Charlie’s Angels and is a successful businesswoman, but she considers her greatest role to be grandma. Jaclyn has two children and now two grandchildren. It appears she spent some quality time with them, with the oldest granddaughter, in particular, this holiday season.

She once said, “When you’re with them, nothing else matters. You’re really in the moment. You’ve come a distance in life, and you really know what’s important. You just forget it all.” She proved this to be true in several new Instagram posts.

Jaclyn Smith gushes about her grandkids

In one photo, Jaclyn and her granddaughter are about to touch noses while decorating some gingerbread houses. She captioned the photo, “Making sure everything looks and tastes just right ✨🥰” Scroll through the photos to see the finished gingerbread houses! What a fun holiday tradition.

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Later, she posted a sweet video of her granddaughter in a beautiful dress, bopping along to a Christmas special. She wrote, “My little dancer and our favorite Christmas special ✨💖” Before Christmas, she shared a photo of herself putting up a pink tree while her granddaughter does a sassy pose in a pink dress. She joked, “Can you guess what her favorite color is?”

These photos and videos are so cute! Watch the video of her granddaughter dancing below:

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