Jack Nicholson’s Son Looks Identical To Him When He Was Young

By now, celebrities and their look-alike children are nothing new. We know Reese Witherspoon and her kids could pass for triplets, Faith Hill’s daughter could probably replace her next to Tim on the red carpet, Tom Hank’s son is his spitting image and Kiefer Sutherland looks just like his actor father, Donald.

However, there’s one father-son duo that makes it hard not to do a double take. Iconic movie star, Jack Nicholson who has three daughters has one son, Ray, who many people think looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. And that is no doubt true. But if you ask us, Ray is actually a carbon copy of Jack as well. Looking at them together now, you may not see the resemblance right away. But when you look at Jack as a younger man, you are sure to see an uncanny resemblance.


But a look back at Jack’s early years in Hollywood reveal the striking similarities between the two.

From the widow’s peak hairline, the pointed eyebrows, elongated dimples, wide jaw, and signature grin — all Ray needed was a beard to look just like his dad for their Saturday night out.

Ray has also followed in Jack’s footsteps by working in Hollywood. Although he has only acted once in the 2006 film The Benchwarmers, he has worked as an Assistant Director on two recent films: Boots (2013) and A Reunion(2014).

From their mischievously sexy smiles…


Right down to the squint in their eyes…

Seriously, the side-by-side comparison of these two is almost freaky!

Woman’s Day

In addition to his 22-year-old son, Ray, movie icon Jack Nicholson also has three daughters. From both of their eyes right down to the way they smile, there is no mistaking whose son Ray is.

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Here are Jack’s other kids (At least the ones we know of!):

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