J.Lo Inspires Moms To Share Bikini Selfies To Promote Body Positivity

Updated: 9/24/2020

Moms everywhere have been inspired by entertainer J.Lo to love themselves in their own skin! Jennifer Lopez shared a photo of herself in a bikini to Instagram with the caption, “Relaxed and recharged.” Maria Kang, who is the founder of the No Excuse Mom fitness community, shared a similar photo of herself inspired by the 50-year-old entertainer.

In the caption of her own photo, Kang would encourage other moms out there to lead healthy lifestyles. “Not a celebrity. Not getting millions to look great in a movie (hello, Hustlers!) or dating a hot athlete (although my hubby is kinda cute!) BUT, it doesn’t matter,” Kang says. “Own your story. Create your own accountability. Don’t make excuses for your inaction. If she can do it, if I can do it, if thousands of working moms who come in all sizes, shapes and ages can do it – then YOU CAN DO IT!!!⁣”

J.Lo inspired women all over to love themselves in their own skin

moms post bikini selfies to promote body positivity
J. Lo’s bikini selfie / Instagram

Kang would then tag her photo with the hashtag #jlochallenge and encouraged other moms to do the same. As a result, moms of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life began to join in on the #jlochallenge.

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moms post bikini selfies to promote body positivity jlochallenge
JLo challenge selfie / Instagram

One mom posts on Instagram, “If Jennifer Lopez can do it, we can do it! Regardless of age, size or shape, we CAN be healthy!”

jlo inspires moms to share bikini selfies to promote body positivity jlochallenge
JLo challenge selfie / Instagram

One mom posts her own bikini selfie with an incredible story to add. “This is 32, a body that created 3 wonderful kids, that has gone through 1 c-section, appendicitis & emergency lacerated intestine from a horrible car accident. Exercise and being active has saved my life,” she writes.

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JLo challenge selfie / Instagram

The woman above is a full-time mom of two little boys. “This is currently my body 3 months after giving birth to my second child. It is nowhere near where I want it to be, but definitely getting closer and closer as time goes on. Right now I’m trying to eat cleaner and DRINK MORE WATER!” she writes.

Not all women posed in bikinis or crop tops. Many of them were fully-clothed and loving themselves regardless. What a beautiful Instagram movement to unite every one of all shapes and sizes!

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