Is Zoom a Chinese Company?

Zoom was founded by Eric Yuan in 2011. He joined WebEx, a small video conferencing company, which was later acquired by Cisco Systems in 2007. Yuan stayed on with the company until 2011 before starting Saasbee that year, which was later renamed Zoom.

Not many people wanted to invest in Zoom in its early days. The video calling market dominated by giants like Microsoft and Google. However, Zoom successfully listed in 2019 and has risen multi-fold since the IPO.

Zoom isn’t a Chinese company. It’s based out of San Jose, Calif. Eric Yuan is the largest shareholder in Zoom. While he was born in China, he has been a U.S. citizen since 2007. Although Zoom has its offices, operations, and employees in China, it is as American as any other U.S. company with global operations.

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