Is Zen Graphene Stock a Buy for Investors in 2021?

Zen Graphene Solutions is focused on the discovery and development of graphene solutions for all applications. The company was incorporated in 2008 and is based in Thunder Bay, Canada. It’s a nanomaterials technology company developing graphene-based technologies that help protect people and the environment. Currently, it’s working on commercializing a patent-pending graphene-based coating with 99 percent biocidal activity, including against COVID-19. 

The company also has a significant R&D pipeline with an interest in monomers, polymers, metal alloys, corrosion coatings, and biosensors. It owns 100 percent interest in the Albany Graphite Project located in Northern Ontario, Canada. As investors get excited about graphene’s potential applications, is Zen Graphene a good stock to buy?

Zen Graphene stock looks like a good bet.

Graphene is one of the strongest materials ever discovered. It’s 200x stronger than steel and has a lot of flexibility, good conductivity, and transparency. According to research by The Royal Society of Chemistry, the atomic bonds in graphene are so tight that only water can pass through the material even when it’s contaminated by radioactive elements. Investing in graphene is a new thing for investors and they are looking for stocks to play this bet. 

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Zen Graphene is a good play on graphene’s potential. It’s actively commercializing its existing graphene-based product IP in the personal protective equipment and air filtration markets. It’s also pursuing a potential graphene-based antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal compound, which could have medicinal breakthrough properties. 

Zen Graphene stock has increased by an impressive 585 percent. However, investors should note that it’s still a penny stock, which could be highly volatile. Graphene stocks, including Zen Graphene, will remain speculative until they can establish a viable revenue stream. Tesla is rumored to have been working on a graphene battery. However, the company hasn’t commented on the rumors. Due to graphene’s limited prospects but high potential, Zen Graphene is a high-risk and high-reward play for high risk-tolerant investors.

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