Is TerraPower a Publicly-Traded Company?

Based out of Bellevue, Wash., TerraPower focuses on nuclear energy from a supposedly safer and more efficient perspective. In August 2020, the Gates-led company announced a partnership with the Idaho National Laboratory. They were contracted by the lab to engineer something called a Versatile Test Reactor. The reactor is reserved for federal testing purposes.

TerraPower’s work on the project is starting this year, but completion isn’t projected until at least 2026.

In September 2020, TerraPower announced another partnership with Centrus Energy Corp. (NYSE American: LEU). For this role, TerraPower signed on to use Centrus Energy’s uranium for their Natrium Power Storage System. The system, which was co-developed with GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (NYSE: GE), helps conserve clean and renewable energy for an even smaller footprint.

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