Is Newly Minted Unicorn Cameo Publicly Traded?

As part of the creator economy, Cameo’s new unicorn status showcases the strength of the industry. But unlike platforms such as Patreon and Etsy, Cameo caters to people who are primarily already well-off. Of course, small-time celebs could probably use the money, but it’s important to consider the effect of propping up an already privileged class.

At the same time that Cameo celebrates its new title, other companies in the creator economy are taking off. Substack, which allows creators to monetize newsletters, just raised $65 million in venture funding. Unsplash, a stock photo website, has officially been acquired by none other than Getty. Betty Labs, owner of Clubhouse-style sports platform Locker Room, has been bought by Spotify. All in all, big things are happening beyond Cameo. Even OnlyFans is making a name for itself. 

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