Is It Safe To Pop Your Back While Pregnant ? 14 Remedies For Pregnancy Back Pain

I’m 13 weeks now and my back has been so stiff and it’s been hurting. I used to lay flat on my stomach and have my boyfriend crack it like that but it doesn’t seem like the safest option. And I really don’t wanna make a trip to the chiropractor with everything going on if I don’t have to. How can I crack it or relieve the pain in a safe way?


I have the same problem! My husband used to crack my back for my by essentially giving me a massive bear hug while laying down, but he won’t do it now that I’m pregnant. I haven’t found anything that works as well yet, I can only get small cracks.

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I miss the back cracks lol. I know the back pain is just gonna get worse as well and I am NOT looking forward to it. I hope you find something that works though, if you do PLEASE let me know girl!

I get lower back pain and do a number of exercises to keep ok. However, if it's upper back between the shoulder blades (same might work for lower down) if you roll up a small towel and lay on the floor with it between your shoulder blades for 5-10 mins that can be surprisingly good.

Oh can you please let me know the exercises you do for the lower back pain? It’s kind of just like pain and stiffness all over, ESPECIALLY in the mornings. But I’ll try the towel thing as well, thank you!

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I use a bag of about 7-8 tennis balls. I lay on top of them, roll around a bit and voila! My back cracks every time. Feels amazing!

Try lying flat on your back in a hard floor. A few minutes of that and my back usually pops a couple times as it settles to the floor. You can try raising and lowering your legs too.

I have two suggestions:

Go to YouTube and look up pregnancy back pain stretches and follow along. I have started stretching and yoga in the second trimester and it does wonders for your body!

Get a big exercise ball and lay on your back over it. It may not crack but it stretches beautifully. Make sure you have a spotter or something to hold on to though for safety.

One thing that's helped my back is leaning with the curve of the arm part of a couch and you just lean back with it allowing your back to crack. Have not been pregnant though so I don't know how much it'll help! Best of luck!!

My back was awful my entire pregnancy I recommend finding a professional chiropractor who understands prenatal treatment. I only found one two weeks before my due date. If I’d found him sooner my entire pregnancy would have been different.

I just don’t feel safe leaving the house as the coronavirus is starting to get pretty bad in my area. So I’m trying to leave as little as possible): If I have to, I might go out, but as of now I just wanna see if there’s anything at all I can do instead.

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….I'm 24 weeks and still having my partner crack mine the way you're describing with me laying flat on the floor.

You can lay on your belly for as long as it's physically comfortable for you, at least for short periods of time.

Obviously you're eventually going to need to find an alternative…but you should be fine to keep doing it that way for now. I think I can manage this way for another week or two (at 24 weeks) before we need to stop. If you're lucky, the virus will have died down quite a bit in another 10+ weeks and you'll be safe to go to the chiropractor.

Chirp wheels! I have a set and love them, they also have info on how to use them during pregnancy. I also use a foam roller, but for my back the chirp wheels are the only thing that help it pop.

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