Is GME Stock Still Shorted and What Can Investors Expect in 2021?

Frankly, I didn’t expect GME stock to recover from its January peak as much as it has. After dropping 83.54 percent during the first business week of February, I presumed the deal was done. However, in the two weeks since Feb. 23, the shares have risen 406.58 percent—and they’re still on the rise.

With a prominent short interest still in play, retail investors remain dedicated to the cause. For some, that cause might be their own monetization. For others, it’s the sheer satisfaction of seeing short sellers get caught in the line of fire. 

With GME on the rise, many people say that the fun is just getting started. Some people suggest that other stocks are taking precedence for investors seeking to combat short sellers. Meanwhile, some people think that investors’ enthusiasm will only last so long.

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