Is Cuomo Prime Time Cancelled? Chris Cuomo Is MIA

On Aug. 6, Cuomo started what he called a previously scheduled vacation planned around his birthday. “Every year I take my birthday week off,” Cuomo, who will turn 51 on Aug. 9, said on a CNN podcast. “I’m looking forward to it.”

It will be tough to convince skeptics that the timing of his brother’s sexual harassment investigations coincidentally aligned with Cuomo’s annual birthday bash. However, it’s reasonable to assume that this was preplanned and a lucky break.

On his podcast “The Handoff”—a weekly podcast that Cuomo co-hosts with his CNN colleague Don Lemon—he told Lemon that the time away was much needed and that he was looking forward to it.

“I’ll be right here at home because I don’t know why I’d go anywhere else than the East End of Long Island during the summer. It’s the most beautiful place in the world,” said Cuomo, who is a fixture of the Hamptons summer scene, along with Lemon. “I’ll be fishing, I’ll be hanging out with you, and I’ll be making memories with the kids.”

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