Is CNBC Reporter Courtney Reagan Related to Ronald Reagan?

Reagan got caught off guard in a November 2013 episode of Nightly Business Report when her then-boyfriend, hedge fund analyst Jared Baker, walked onto the set and popped the question.

In a cute ruse for the surprise proposal, Nightly Business Report host Tyler Mathisen asked Reagan about the luxury industry outlook ahead of the holiday season, mentioning that jewelry was “man’s best friend” that time of year.

“Engagement rings, very big season during the Christmas holiday,” an unsuspecting Reagan replied.

Then Mathisen craftily mentioned “middle-level jewelers like Jared,” which was Baker’s cue to walk onto the set.

“I love you so much,” Regan’s future husband told her. “I have since the day I met you. I’ve always known you were the one. I love your smile. I love your laugh. I even love the way you dance. Will you marry me?”

Of course, Reagan said yes.

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