Is Bitcoin Supersplit a Scam? Crypto Project Raises Red Flags

Bitcoin, and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, has been touted as the “Wild West” of investing. Citing the market’s extreme volatility, traditional investors have been critical of investors who put sizable resources into their crypto wallets. While Bitcoin and other established altcoins are volatile, they aren’t riskier than equities on the stock exchange.

Why Bitcoin Supersplit appears to be a scam

It hasn’t been determined yet whether Bitcoin Supersplit or other similar platforms are, in fact, a scam. However, experts have issued warnings to anyone considering investing their money through them.

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For one, Bitcoin Supersplit boasts claims about high investment returns. Any trading platform that promises high returns in such a volatile market is selling fluff. While it’s true investors can make money trading cryptocurrencies, it’s far from guaranteed.

Source: bitcoinsuperslit.com

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Another reason for hesitation is the lack of oversight. Traditional crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Binance have some level of accountability. Coinbase as a company is publicly traded on the NYSE and would feel any effects from negative publicity if it were a scam. Bitcoin Supersplit isn’t beholden to shareholders or regulation. For this reason, the inner workings of the company are still a secret.

The lack of oversight means crypto CFDs can be traded in most of the world. However, one of the few places they are banned in is the U.S. Crypto experts and even senators have asked authorities to create crypto-specific regulations to stop market abuse and exploitation.

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