Is Atlis Motors a Good Investment? How To Invest in the Company

The EV (electric vehicle) and mobility industries are among the hottest investment themes for the next decade. Several companies in the ecosystem have gone public over the last year to capitalize on investor appetite. There’s also Atlis Motors, a privately held, crowdfunded company. Is Atlis a good investment? How can you invest?

Atlis, which targets both residential and commercial customers, operates under three business segments: Atlis XP, Atlis Energy, and Atlis XT. The company was founded by Mark Hanchett in 2016. According to his LinkedIn profile, he worked for over ten years as a mechanical engineer and then a director at Axon before leaving for Atlis.

Is Atlis Motors a good investment?

Atlis Motors is working in a market that’s getting crowded. Rival Lordstown Motors could get first-mover advantage if it sticks to its production timeline. In Mar. 2021, Hindenburg Research accused Lordstown of fabricating its orders, resulting in the company’s CEO and CFO resigning. The company is also in dire need of cash to keep operations going into 2022.

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There’s also formidable competition from Ford’s F-150 electric Lightning model and Tesla’s Cybertruck.

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Atlis Motors may not meet the same fate as Lordstown, but it’s worth noting that producing an electric vehicle is a complicated exercise. The company is a high-risk investment and has no liquidity, as its stock is not yet traded.

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