How To See Pokes On Facebook App, How To Poke On Facebook 2021

Looking to poke someone on Facebook but can’t find the poke button anymore. In this post, we will explain all the easy ways on how to poke on Facebook Lite App 2021 as well as the Facebook main app or on desktop mode. These tips work whether you are using Facebook on Android or iPhoneFacebook had introduced the Poke feature way back in 2004, when it got launched. And the Poke button got popular fast.But it also created a lot of controversies over the years. There was no clear meaning of the intention behind a poke. To some friends, it was an innocent or a funny gesture but some saw it as an interference and took offense to it.Facebook slowly phased out the Poke Button.

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But did Facebook remove this very option? Answer is No. You can still Poke someone on Facebook and the option to do so is hidden under Settings or Help Center.What Facebook did was make it extra difficult to access this Poke button. You have to take a longer route. It is like finding something hidden in your basement.Let’s look at steps to poke some one on Facebook.

How to poke on Facebook Lite App 2021

You can poke on Facebook Lite App, using the below steps:Tap on 3 horizontal lines on top right to open Facebook menu

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Then Select Settings from list of optionsScroll down and tap on the option “Access your information” option which is available under Your Facebook InformationThis opens up a pop-up menu with has the Poke option among othersTap on it . You will now get to a search bar to type your Friend name whom you want to poke along with the Poke button option next to their name.Also Read: How to create Facebook Avatar

How to poke someone on Facebook Main App 2021

Tap on 3 horizontal lines on top right to open Facebook menuThen Select Help & Support from list of options under See MoreNext click on Help CenterYou will get a search bar to ask question. Just type “poke” and enter to find relevant question “How do i poke someone on Facebook?”In the answer, you will find a link to Facebook pokes pageOnce you click through the link on next page, you can search for any of the friends and you will find the poke button displayed next to their nameAlso Read: Facebook Profile Picture Complete Tips 2020 | No Cropping | Right Size

How to Poke someone on Facebook Desktop


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