How to move a washing machine

Moving a washing machine by yourself might prove to be even more tough than you think. There are numerous major factors why the washer moving task ahead of you can be a genuine obstacle need to you pick not to hire skilled movers:

Washing equipments are rather heavy. How a lot does a washer weigh? On average, washing machines weigh somewright here in between 150 pounds (68 kg) and also 200 pounds (90 kg).

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Washing makers are big. In addition to the substantial weight, washing makers are expensive too. Most washers are approximately the very same size and also form, making them basic to fit into a standard-dimension kitchen area. For example, most front-loading washing devices are about 33.46 inches (850 mm) tall and also around 23.62 inches (600 mm) wide.Washers require substantial pre-move preparation. Moving a washing machine is never simply about unplugging the appliance, loading it on the moving dolly and also moving it out of the house. The preparation phase has disconnecting the washer from the power supply, turning off the water supply, draining the water hoses, placing the transit bolts, and even more. Read on for even more indevelopment about exactly how to obtain a washing machine prepared to relocate.

As you have the right to imagine, the ideal means to move a washing machine is to hire knowledgeable movers to finish that task for you – faster and safer than you could ever execute it by yourself. However, you may want to execute it on your very own – commonly in an effort to conserve money.

And if that is the situation, then carry out yourself a favor and simply follow this step-by-action overview to relocating a washing machine by yourself.

What to execute before relocating a washing machine <5 steps>

Here are the very initially 5 procedures you have to carry out when moving a washing machine:

Step 1. Secure helping hands

Moving a washer completely on your own is also dangerous because of the huge weight and also big dimensions of the home appliance. In this situation, “by yourself” does NOT intend that you are meant to complete that complex job completely on your very own – it ssuggest indicates that you won’t be hiring professional movers for the task.

At some point, you’re going to require at leastern a couple of helpers to relocate a washing machine from home to house.

Tip 2. Rent or purchase an appliance dolly

Now that you understand the average weight of a washing machine (150-200 lbs.), you need to realize that you can’t lift and bring the house appliance just via your bare hands. It’s difficult.

This is why, you’re going to should obtain a relocating dolly to wheel the heavy item out of your existing residence, fill it onto the relocating car, and then transfer it to the brand-new residence or apartment – quickly and also safely.

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Rent an appliance dolly from a local moving firm or a neighborhood truck rental firm. Additionally, you may pick to make a good investment and purchase a moving dolly for yourself – that way, you’ll have actually that super useful item of relocating equipment eincredibly time you have to move out.

Tip 3. Gather packing provides and also other accessories

You can’t relocate a washer completely on your very own – you’ll require trustworthy helpers to get the job done.

So what carry out you have to move a washing machine?

At one point during the washer relocating process, you’re going to need to cover the appliance via thick blankets for security versus accidental hits in the time of the actual relocate.

Get 3-4 padded blankets prepared for later on use. Also, you’re going to require relocating straps or rope, and packing tape to defend your washing machine in the time of carry.

In addition to the packing provides, gain a pair of slip-joint pliers and a small bucket, or one more equivalent container to gather the water when the washer is being drained.

Tip 4. Find the washer transit bolts

Washer shipping bolts are metal rods that are placed into the appliance in order to lock the drum and keep in immobilized throughout transport. Your washing machine cannot be moved without having its transit bolts mounted because the vibrations on the road deserve to easily damages the drum suspension mechanism of the appliance.

Find the shipping bolts of your washer or call the ideal home appliance store in tvery own for assistance if you don’t understand where those metal rods might be.

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Tip 5. Find the user hand-operated of your washer

Even though you can run your washing machine without any type of difficulties, its user manual will show you just how to install the transit bolts and inform you of any type of other one-of-a-kind preparations and also security procedures when moving the home appliance between houses.

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