How to find the penny worth $1,700,000 and other rare coins

For a true numismatist, every coin, pennies included have some value. Quarters, dimes down to a penny have a story to tell. Most importantly, the period it was minted in. If you are one of these coin collectors, you must know the value some of these old pennies, posses. Some people discard a penny without a second thought. Numismatists know that there are some rare and valuable coins in circulation that could be worth a lot of money!

A penny in circulation worth more than $1 Million!

Knowing that a penny has the potential to be worth hundreds of dollars even possibly 1 million, are you checking your couch cushions? If the rare 1943 Lincoln penny is under your couch pillow, you are literally sitting on a gold mine worth a whopping $1,700,000.00! Press Play Below For Full Story


stack of rare pennies
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In the year 1943, pennies that were normally made out of 95% copper were changed to be made out of steel! The government channeled all the copper from these negligible currencies to the war effort.

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