How Much Does Jeff Bezos Donate to Charity?

For the third year in a row, Forbes named Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s billionaire CEO, the richest person in the world. Reportedly, he is worth $113 billion. 

What charities does Jeff Bezos donate to?

Jeff Bezos is not known for his philanthropic efforts like some other billionaires. His ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos, has signed the Giving Pledge. She has promised to give away more than half of her wealth either during her lifetime or in her will. However, Bezos has not done the same, according to Business Insider.

Still, Bezos has made a number of charitable donations since he became a billionaire in 1997. In 2011, he donated $10 million to the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle. The museum used the money to form the Bezos Center for Innovation. 

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That same year, Bezos gave $15 million to Princeton’s Neuroscience Institute. In 2012, he donated $2.5 million to Washington United for Marriage, a group that fought for marriage equality. He has donated millions to education and homeless non-profits. Bezos has also contributed funds to organizations that fight for freedom of the press. 

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Despite his various donations, “Bezos had never appeared on the annual list of America’s 50 largest donors until 2018 when he took the top spot with the launch of a $2 billion fund for education programs for the homeless. That donation represented about 1.3 percent of his net worth at the time.”

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In February 2020, Jeff Bezos pledged $10 billion to fight climate change. The Bezos Earth Fund will, according to the Instagram announcement, “fund scientists, activists, NGOs — any effort that offers a real possibility to help preserve and protect the natural world. We can save Earth. It’s going to take collective action from big companies, small companies, nation states, global organizations, and individuals.”

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