Hank Garrett Talks About Breaking Robert Redford’s Nose During A Scene

Actor Hank Garrett is now 89 years old and is looking back fondly on his long career. He has now released a memoir called From Harlem Hoodlum to Hollywood Heavyweight, full of incredible stories from decades ago. One story details how he accidentally broke Robert Redford‘s nose during a fight scene.

The incident happened while they were filming Three Days of the Condor. Hank was cast as a CIA assassin who was disguised as a mailman. Hank shared, “We had this fight where there was mineral oil all over the floor. I’m supposed to do this simple sweep over my knee. He slips all over the oil and came at me headfirst. And I came around with my elbow. The next thing you know, I end up hitting him right in the nose with my elbow. My reaction was ‘Oh dear God, no.’ There’s blood coming out of his nose. I’m thinking it’s all over for me, but we continued from there.”

Hank Garrett shares the story of breaking Robert Redford’s nose

THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, Robert Redford, 1975 / Everett Collection

He continued, “Robert calls me later that night and I’m thinking, ‘Great, I’m out of a job.’ But instead, he tells me, ‘This is probably the greatest fight scene anywhere. Oh, and by the way, you broke my nose.’ I’m laughing but he was actually serious. Now I’m really nervous. I blurted out ‘Oh God, I’m never going to work again!’ Then he goes, ‘Oh don’t worry about it, my nose has been broken so many times, it doesn’t mean anything.’”

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THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, Hank Garrett, 1975 / Everett Collection

He added,” We became pals from there. And to this day, I’m still asked about that fight scene! He’s just an incredible guy to work with and very humble. And how do I thank him? By breaking his nose!”

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In the memoir, Hank also details stories of meeting Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren, and more iconic stars. Click here to purchase Hank’s memoir and hear all of his stories.

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