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You guys, I can”t believe it”s taken me this long to create a complete review of Beachbody”s Hammer and Chisel. It”s is one of the more intense workouts offered by Beachbody, designed to develop a lean, sculpted physique in 60 days.

The results from this program are pretty spectacular and after 8 weeks of following the workouts to the letter, I”m head over heels with my strength gains!

In Case You”re New to Hammer and Chisel


The Master”s Hammer and Chisel is a weight lifting program launched by Beachbody in 2015. It was released on the heels of 21 Day Fix, which was one of Beachbody’s most successful workout programs ever launched.

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The program was designed by Autumn Calabrese, the creator of 21 Day Fix and Sagi Kalev, the creator of Body Beast. It’s designed for fitness enthusiasts that have some experience with weight training and are looking to get lean and sculpted in a short timeframe.

What I loved about this program

The workouts are between 30 to 45 minutes long and they go by fast! I struggle with focus when it comes to hour-long workouts, so this is right up my ally. You’re in, you’re out, you’re on with your day.There”s a strong emphasis on lifting weights. In fact, every workout except for maybe one or two calls for weights (even the cardio workouts), so if you don’t love lifting, this workout is not for you.There are multiple different calendars you can follow. The main calendar is a 60-day program followed by two more short and intense 30-day program that are designed to either burn fat or build more muscle.

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What I didn’t love about Hammer and Chisel

The instructors take a lot of breaks between sets and there”s a lot of talking. I tend to fast forward through the chatting to get through the workout faster. I’d rather be done sooner than take more breaks to hear about proper form (I’ve got that down already).Sagi Kalev has a style that’s not for everyone. Sometimes he speaks in the 3rd person and I don’t quite get his humor, but that’s just me.I would have liked to have a yoga or flexibility element to the program as there is with 21 Day Fix.

What equipment do you need for Hammer and Chisel

To complete this program you will need:

I recently bought this bench and it’s been so useful to have in our workout space. It doesn’t take up a ton of room and it’s really light weight, so easy to collapse and put away.


Which is better for weight loss? 21 Day Fix or Hammer and Chisel

I’ve had a few people ask this, so I thought it would be worth mentioning that while both programs are designed to develop muscle tone while burning fat, I think 21 Day Fix is more of a direct route to that goal.

However, I think Hammer and Chisel may be the better option for longer term body transformation goals (like building shapely legs and arms).

The difference is that Hammer and Chisel is more concentrated on weight lifting, where as 21 Day Fix has a weight lifting component, but it also incorporates a more balanced approach to fitness with the inclusion of cardio, pilates and yoga.

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Will I Bulk Up on This Program?

A lot of my female clients stress out about lifting weights. Trust me when I tell you that”s NOT going to happen. Autumn Calabrese lifts weights all the time and she is strong, but tiny.

In this interview, she addresses that concern, along with a few other common questions. It”s worth the listen.

The Difference Between Body Beast & Hammer and Chisel

Body beast, is a completely different weight lifting program designed by Sagi Kalev. It”s a more traditional bodybuilding style of workout, with a 5 to 6 day split that focuses on individual muscle groups.

For example, one day you focus on triceps and chest, the next day you focus on legs. This is very common for bodybuilding routines, and it’s also very effective for isolating and sculpting certain body parts. Many people use the Body Beast program when prepping for a fitness competition instead of paying a coach thousands of dollars to write a program for them.

Hammer and chisel takes a different approach. Most of the workouts focus on full body training (rather than specific body parts like legs or shoulders).

That said, every workout has a different approach to movement. Some days it’s an isometric hold (very effective for sculpting), other days its a focus on powerlifting (don’t let that one scare you, it’s actually really fun).

Is one program better than the other? Not necessarily, and in fact, it’s beneficial to mix up your workouts, so I recommend doing both!

Hammer & Chisel Results

One thing I always like to stress before I share before and after pictures is that they are never achieved by workouts alone. Nutrition is a huge part of their success, and a nutrition plan is included with the program, but it’s up to you to follow through!

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Hammer & Chisel Before & After


Hammer & Chisel Workout Calendars

As I mentioned earlier, there are several different workout calendars for this program.

Who is the Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout For?

I think Hammer and Chisel is ideal for men and women who love lifting weights. If you’ve done 21 Day Fix and 80 Day Obsession and you’re looking for a program that provides a lot of the same results, then give this program a whirl. The style is a little different, and definitely not easy, but the results speak for themselves.

Who is this program NOT for?

If you’re new to working out, you don’t enjoy lifting weights and/or you much prefer the energy boost from a cardio workout, then skip this program. It has almost no cardio and the focus is entirely on building muscle.

How to Purchase Hammer and Chisel

The awesome thing about investing in this program is that you get access to ALL Beachbody’s programs, so when you’re done with Hammer and Chisel, you can move on to Body Beast, 80 Day Obsession or something completely different like PiYo or Insanity!

The cost for all these programs is $160 USD. This also includes:

a plant-based pre-workout drink (so you can get through the workouts)a post-workout recovery protein shake (helps with muscle recovery)a nutrition program, a personalized tracking app access to me as your coach.

Of course, everything is backed by a 100% guarantee, so the only thing you ever have to worry about losing are the extra pounds around your waist.

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Seriously, these programs are game-changers. I’ve been doing them exclusively since 2015 and I’ve never been in better shape. Keep in mind, I’ve done a fitness competition AND a half-ironman in the past, and I never looked or felt as good as I do now.

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