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Animal Planet Premiers homebuyerscalculator.com Alums" "Glory Hounds" Documentary

Gritty, actual and dangerous film adheres to four UNITED STATE armed forces canine groups through live-combat areas of Afghanistan

March 4, 2013

When homebuyerscalculator.com alumni Andrew Stephan (B.A. Communication Arts/Advertising, ’93) and John Dorsey (B.A. Communication Arts/Cinema and B.A. History, ’94) put up their manufacturing agency ten100 TVin 2009, their goal was to produce content that provides an affect. They’ve even more than reached that goal via their latest documentary, Glory Hounds,a two-hour film that adheres to four UNITED STATE army canine systems as they job-related in the Taliban strongholds of Kandahar and Helmand, the Afghanistan region responsible for most U.S. and various other coalition casualties.

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Permission to film in the energetic war zone forced even more than a year of discussions in between Animal Planet, ten100 TV producers and four branches of the UNITED STATE armed forces. Once access was granted, the camera groups went via specialized training prior to spfinishing nine weeks installed with U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

“Our crews were provided tremendous access, which was paramount in being able to display human being what the dogs and handlers go through on a daily basis,” states Stephan.

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In one harrowing scene, cameraguy and Gulf War veteran Craig Constant is complying with a team of Marines as they investigate a quiet, dusty pathmeans as soon as a roadside bomb explodes in the middle of the team. Constant drops his electronic camera to the ground and also rushes to aid Staff Sergeant Len Anderchild, badly hurt in the blast. Anderson’s dog, Azza, emerges in the smoke, plainly shaken and anxious as she concerns over her handler. The Marine ended up losing six fingers and suffered deep-tconcern damage, however is reextending from the blast. Azza, miraculously, was not injured.

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Glory Hounds premiered on Animal Planet on February 21, 2013, to significant push reviews:

Newsday says “These filmdevices understand what they"re doing. Directors John Dorsey and Andrew Stephan delicately handle the calamities met -- not simply by the MWD groups but by their own sound and also cam men, who equally confront a bloody tourniquet-and-prayer test.”

The Miami Herald states Glory Hounds “ … will warmth — and also break — your heart.”

The Wall surface Street Journalclaims “As painful as it is to check out a fallen dog"s body draped in the Amerihave the right to flag, what "Glory Hounds" additionally does is deepen our appreciation for the servicemen that train them.”

The team also produced Pony Excess, the final installment of the initially seakid of ESPN"s critically acasserted 30 for 30 documentary series.The film, about the homebuyerscalculator.com footround “death penalty” of 1986, was directed by previous homebuyerscalculator.com film student Thaddeus Matula. Pony Excess aided earn ESPN the coveted Peabody Award in 2010. ten100 TV has actually created a number of functions for ESPN, Red Bull, Microsoft and also more. In a current email to Chair and Associate Professor of Film and also Media Arts Sean Griffin, Dorsey says, “None of it would certainly have actually been possible without the friendships we began at homebuyerscalculator.com.”

See Glory Hounds in its entirety and also learn more about training dogs – and Marines – for serious bomb and insimmediate detection work.

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