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A Steady, Profitable, and Growing Drink Category

Frozen beverages have remained a steady and growing source of profitability, while the machines that dispense them have evolved to become more efficient and require far less hands-on maintenance to keep them running day to day.

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That’s welcome news for many convenience stores and restaurants where so many other factors, like health consciousness, fluctuating food or fuel prices, and complex sanitation routines are daily points of concern.

The boost frozen drinks provide to the bottom line is also welcome news: Frozen drinks can give you 20% greater margins than fountain drinks that use more water, and double what you”d earn from a canned beverage. Since you’re serving something in a novel form that customers can”t easily make at home or buy in stores, they’ll also pay a premium for that experience.

Frozen drinks are comprised of very simple ingredients — various combinations of water, syrup, product mix, and/or CO2 — which makes it easy to keep them fully loaded and ready for whenever your customers stop in. When they do, their bright colors and novelty make it easy to catch their eyes and invite them over to get one for themselves.

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What makes frozen drinks a hit with customers?

Frozen drinks aren’t found in most stores, and can’t be made at home without expensive specialized equipment. That makes them great novelties for hot summer days, special occasions, or just normal days when you want something refreshing to enjoy during your downtime.

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Believe it or not, frozen beverages are even popular in the winter, when malls and theaters are simultaneously overheated and filled with customers that are bundled up to guard against the cold outside.

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They also don’t get watered down as they get warmer, since the water in a frozen drink is mixed with the syrup directly before it’s frozen. That means customers can enjoy their flavor longer than they can with traditional iced fountain drinks.

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