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Me: Boy, was this one a lengthy time coming.Emily: Your 3,000th deviation?Me: No no no. That"s gonna be after this one. You watch, for a while currently, my friend
has been asking me to play a game that he has played before: Freedom Planet. It"s an indie game that is influenced by Sonic the Hedgehog and also other Sega titles from the Genesis era. And you have the right to tell by the graphics alone on that. The difficulty via it was...well, I was interested in it, but I had actually trouble actually obtaining about to playing the game. It was released for Wii U at one allude, but given that my Wii U was being a complete buttnuggain about connecting virtual, I had actually little bit to no chance of trying it out. But eventually, summer of last year, it did regulate to acquire a release on the Switch"s eShop, and also I ultimately gained a possibility to play it.Alexis: Oh, so you"re gonna do a full-on evaluation of the game, right?Me: You didn"t look at the title of the deviation, did you?Alexis: I"d be lying if I sassist yes.Me: So, ultimately, I played the game and let me tell you, it did not disapsuggest on the bosses, but it additionally had its fair share of ones that left a poor taste in my mouth. It was many fun and the bosses were absolutely nothing short of fun and difficult, but some others tfinish to really leave my skin crawling. So, I"m going to rank all of the bosses from the game from worst to finest.For this, I"m additionally going to encompass the mid-bosses from levels that occurred to have them. But for bosses that had actually one phase in the halfmeans suggest of a level and another at the finish, they gain one single enattempt while unique mid and finish bosses get separate ones. And to my expertise, I counted it up, and there"s virtually 21 various bosses. If I missed any kind of, well, can"t say I didn"t try. Anyway, below we go. The Freedom Planet bosses from worst to ideal.21. SpadeSo, to begin off the list, we have the brother of Prince Dail of Shuigang, the leader of the Red Scarves, Spade. Now, this guy is kinda prefer what you acquire as soon as you mix Shadow through Greninja. He"s that cool-headed bad dude you just know some human being are gonna gain. But as soon as you gain to fighting him once he"s a boss of the level...boy, is he absolutely a real hassle to deal with. So a lot so, I actually hated this fight so much the first time. He moves about so easily and often tends to earlier amethod from you, leaving you bit time to actually attack him. He"ll be throwing cards through aces, thus his name, and fire energy blasts to keep you ameans from him. When Lilac fights him, you have the right to more than likely acquire a couple of hits on him via her Dragon Boost or her Dragon Clegislation, I think that"s what the Shoryuken style claw assault is called, and he have to be defeated. When Milla fights him, just have actually her usage her Super Shield Buster for excellent distance. But with Carol...hoo boy, Carol. If I had to pick which 3 of the playable personalities has the worst time fighting bosses, it"s certainly Carol. For one point, she"s a melee fighter, so she has to fight close rang to get any kind of damages on them. And as soon as she does damage them, it will not be for extremely lengthy or she could acquire hit by an incoming assault. So, basically, she"s a sitting duck versus Spade. I prefer the guy"s character, yet his boss fight deserve to go fuck itself.20. Ninja SquadOkay, this one might be a little bit of an exaggeration as it does not feel much favor a boss, but an opponent rush, but I"m including it anyway bereason it does at least have the feeling of a boss and leads up to Carol and Milla"s fight against Spade. When you acquire to the battle arena in Trap Hideout, you have to fight a swarmth of ninjas. Carol has to defeat 99 and also Milla has to defeat 15. Milla doesn"t have actually as much health as Carol and also Lilac execute, so that"s more than likely why they shortened the amount for her. And I think playing as her is the just means to obtain that stage"s speedrun badge. But through her Super Shield Buster, it"s simpler done than shelp. But favor I shelp, Carol has to acquire all up in their deals with in order to really do anything. And since she has to take on 99 of them, that"s a genuine hassle. Casual and Easy mode have a regenerating mechanism for your health. But Common and Hard remove it. So, you"d better be stocked up on resides if you"re gonna play this on Hard as Carol.19. ClawGalleom: Claw?Me: Well, the cregulation from the Shang Mu army truck in Relic Ruins. This is a boss that just has nothing really substantial going for it. It"s a mechanical clegislation that reaches out, tries to grab you, and also sometimes fires shots. What even more deserve to be sassist around it? You strike its core and it goes dvery own. It"s not that exciting. In reality, it"s so bland also, you can actually skip the boss fight. In reality, among the badges needs you to do so. Just drop the Kingdom Stone on the truck"s engine while it"s activating and also you don"t even have to fight it. They kbrand-new how lame it would certainly be, so yeah. Just carry out that.18. SatelliteNow, Sky Battalion has not one, not two, but THREE mid-bosses in them. The fight via Spade is just one of them in Lilac"s story mode. This fight deserve to only be annoying for Carol, as expected, but for Lilac and Milla, it"s not so poor. Satellite is fought on the Metal Ship and will certainly gyrate its wings and fire lasers from it once it rotates. That"s pretty much it. Nopoint to it.17. HelicopterWhile Lilac fights Spade, Carol or Milla will certainly fight the helicopter that he comes in on. And...well, it"s a helicopter that tries to fly into you and also fire bulallows at you. What perform you expect?Emily: Not acquiring a lot to talk about with them, are you?Me: They"re only the early on ones. I"m certain I"ll have even more product via the others when I gain to them.16. Hunter SnakeWhat perform you know? The initially boss of the game actually gets a tiny even more than just the start of the list. It just simply cracked the top 15, but still, it did pretty excellent. In its initially phase, it will simply pop in and out of holes while you assault the appenderas on its body and also send it running once you strike its head. Then in the second phase, it will certainly sfinish a boulder to chase after you and also then rain other boulders down to hit you once you reach its lair. It"s damaged, yet it will take even more hits this time approximately than it did prior to. Destroy its appenderas aobtain and complete it. An actually pretty good first boss that does not just its ass handed to it also on first-timers.15. GrapplerThe last mid-boss of Sky Battalion is on the Planet Ship. This one is a little various as you need to ride on the spiked piston it fires out approximately it to do damages. You deserve to also usage Lilac and Milla"s special abilities to reach it if you don"t have the time. Sorry, Carol, but you acquire the shaft again. You"re gonna need to play the waiting game. This was the finest sub-boss of Sky Battalion if you ask me. Nopoint dickish favor Spade or generic choose Satellite or the helicopter.14. Thermal Base Magma RobotOkay, I don"t know if this boss has actually a name. I checked Avalice Archives and also got nothing. If it does, then please tell me what it is so I have the right to come earlier and also correct it. Anyway, its first phase is at the halfmethod point of the level where Syntaxation will develop it and also sfinish it after you. A circulation of magma will certainly come careening throughout the area to its arm cannon, yet you"re in the method, so you should jump or duck relying on the angle its cannon is at. For the initially 3 waves, it will certainly fire on one side and also either relocate across the room or readjust the cannon"s trajectory prior to firing. Get the pattern down and also knock it out. The second phase has actually it making use of some sort of new jellyfish-like armor to fly approximately and also strike. It will spew out magma shots to make the platforms as well warm to stand on and also then when it descends, 3 spiked balls will certainly fly out via a last and also giant one rolling in a collection way. It gets annoying trying to store up with it, but it shouldn"t be as well negative once you know just how to stop its attacks.13. Chomper SnakeThis boss is exclusive to Milla"s first phase, Aqua Tunnel. It first shows up trying to attack her, yet all you gotta do is make it bite dvery own on its bit angler a few times and it"ll run amethod. Why it has an angler, I do not understand. Is it meant to be referred to as a fish? So, why is it dubbed Chomper Snake? Anymeans, the second phase at the end actually takes location on a raft dvery own the tunnel"s river. It will certainly attempt to hit Milla through a wave of toxic looking bubbles and a set of bubbled bombs. Milla demands to use her cube powers to grab a bomb and toss it back at it. That will take it dvery own sooner than you think. The second phase is certainly more fun with how a lot it flows choose that, and the platcreate variety is actually pretty fair. Not too little bit to make you a basic target, and also not too a lot to have actually so much room you"ll never gain hit. The Hunter Snake might have been a great first boss for Carol and also Lilac, but I think Milla gained the much better finish.12. MantalithNow, this is not simply some type of Zorak wannabe. No no no. It"s a huge metallic mantis with razor sharp claws and abilities to cause tremors and also sonic waves. You have to break its arms off, which you have the right to execute before the fight officially starts, and then hit its face. Watch it. It bites. Do this enough times until its eyes break and you knock its head an additional time. Oh, and if you"re going for Gem Hoarder, be certain to pick up the diamonds on the ideal side of the field. You"ll desire those.11. Serpentine IIOkay, I"ll admit it. When I initially played this game, I had actually a little of a tough time with Serpentine as soon as he would scurry about and fire all sorts of shots. It was certainly not basic even on basic mode. But I have the right to say that he is not that bad as soon as you gain provided to him. I say that a lot, I understand. But I digress. Now, he does fight like this in his first phase below and also on a later enattempt, however the second phase has you fighting him in his copter where he will sfinish shots and minions at you.

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When you shatter the wind shield, your friends will come by and also supply the finishing blow, all while Torque is taken amethod. Nice complete there.10. Mach Speed Robot
Don"t know if this one has actually a name either, yet this robot is basically the boss of the first act of Final Dreadnought. Hey, you remember those bosses from Sonic Advance 2 nobody favored bereason it was mach rate only? How around Freedom Planet takes them and also does them right? Not just are you running once this robot is trying to slaughter you, yet you do not shed any kind of momentum whatsoever before and will certainly store on running, or riding in Carol"s case, as this robot takes various develops to attempt to defeat you. Like for the first phase, it will be on the floor or ceiling trying to shoot at you from the oppowebsite angle, the next it turns into a train to fire shots at you, or a pogo stick to crush you, or a shuriken to reduced you, and finally, it will certainly go ahead of you to shoot trajectory-oriented electric balls. Now that"s somepoint. And it"s actually fun. Take that, SA2!9. Neera LiOkay, currently we"re obtaining into the really good ones. So, in Jade Creek, you had just broken out of Shang Tu Priboy and made your way to a point in the creek wbelow the Magister"s legislation enforcer, Neera Li, catches up via you and also tries to defeat you to sfinish you earlier. She"ll usage icicles to freeze the ground to make you take damage, and she have the right to be a real toughie to beat on the higher challenges. Carol, Carol, Carol. Why perform I need to feel sorry for you in these fights? Neera has actually shields to protect herself that you must destroy before hitting her. And it"s probably the one point I have to take amethod from this fight. She can be almost as challenging to hit as Spade, however if you deserve to avoid the air slashes she fires, which is simpler sassist than done, trust me, you have to have actually an excellent possibility. Plus, I love exactly how she tries a second ambush just for the bird soldier to freeze her by accident. That is glorious.8. Prince Dail IThe initially fight versus the brainwamelted Prince Dail is on your ship, or Zao"s ship to be certain, and also he will fly on a peacock/phoenix-prefer robot referred to as the Kujacker, and also his strategy is to fly approximately and fire shots while you strike the Kujacker"s feather. After you hit its head, it will certainly fly about and either swoop up or down. To encertain you avoid that, jump up in the air best before the warning authorize pops up and continue to be on the ground right as soon as it swoops. The authorize have to be up prevent you prior to it dives. Run to the opposite side Dail is coming from and you"ll stop it no trouble. Then it will certainly start shooting lightning blasts from its feathers. Just steer clear of the lines they"ll be shooting from and also you"ll be good. Prince Dail might be making the equipments execute his work, but dang, was that rather the initially impression he left.7. SyntaxNow, this one I was kinda a little cynical about placing on here because, in order to fight Syntax, you deserve to only execute it in story mode"s bit march towards Battle Glacier and also not in Time Attack mode. But I"ll encompass it anymeans. So, Syntaxation sends out an army of robots and also minions to strike Lilac and also her friends as they traverse the icy area of Battle Glacier. And Syntax turns into a war machine itself and also tries to end up what its soldiers couldn"t. And as soon as you"re playing as Lilac, you have the right to curb stomp it via...well, I"ll obtain ago to that. But as Carol and Milla...let"s simply say going the 6,000 meters through them is nowhere near as fun. Syntax"s power is actually displayed on a gauge on its center, so when it runs out of devices, that"s as soon as you understand you acquired it. Finish it off, and Brevon"s retainer is dvery own for great. Who"s simply kidding now?6. Serpentine IIISo, after having had actually sufficient of you interfering via Lord Brevon"s venture, his faithful minion, Serpentine, will go berserk and attempt to kill you so you don"t interfere anyeven more. And he ain"t messing approximately. One point I have actually noticed is that he loves to carry out the dash punch a lot in this fight, so you might desire to save an eye out for that. His assaults are upgraded, however he have the right to still be beaten. And after that...well, let"s simply say after the fight, he does not appear in the game aacquire...unless that moment in the credits counts.5. Monster MillaNow, this is absolutely one of the more shocking and dark moments of the game. If you"re playing as Lilac or Carol, Brevon will take Milla as a hophase unmuch less you sheight shutting dvery own his defenses. Even after you agree to that, he turns Milla right into a monster, wbelow she provides her abilities in an extra upgraded and also berserk style. Cubes flying everywhere, flying into the air to stop strikes, power beams out the wazoo, it"s not a straightforward fight, per se, and it"s certainly difficult for first-timers to actually fight Milla because she became such a wonderful friend to Lilac and also Carol. But if you"re playing as Milla herself, tbelow is no fight in that stage. You don"t turn into the monster. And would certainly you really want to?4. Serpentine IThe initially fight versus Serpentine is my personal favorite and here"s why. The initially phase is, well, pretty a lot just how his second fight starts. But the second phase of this one is a actual doozy. After you obtain out of the Fortune Night mall, he will track you down in his Robopanther in a mach speed fight. Aobtain, done best. Firing multiple shots, a wide laser, missiles from a hind leg position, oh, it"s such a rush. And Torque and Milla will come by dropping healing items if you require them. And either Carol or Lilac deserve to supply the finishing blow if you desire them to. One badge in particular calls for you to execute so. And it"s always so satisfying to see Serpentine go dvery own that initially time as his beloved Robopanther gets declawed.3. Prince Dail IIIf you believed Prince Dail was really reflecting off his abilities the initially time, oh, he suggests business in the second fight through him at the finish of the marathon level Battle Glacier. Now he stands on a tower of one-eyed crab-like creatures and also has a shield power choose Neera did. Heck, you deserve to, and kinda need to, damage the first shield before the battle starts if you deserve to reach him. And of course, he"ll have energy blasts and also electric currental fees to protect against, however that"s something to expect. The adversaries will drop health devices for you to recoup through, so you will not be at a disadvantage and have to begin the fight from the start. But what I really prefer about the fight is Dail"s reaction after you defeat him. He"ll say...Dail: NO! MY BEAUTIFUL CREATION!Me: And that"s when you understand he"s finiburned. I intend, sure, after you defeat him, he"ll try one last time, but Spade does the one ideal point and also knocks him to his senses. I think. What a fitting finish to an unfit leader.2. HolodragonOkay, remember what I sassist about coming back to exactly how Lilac battled Syntax? Well, here we are. The Holodragon is a dragon hologram that flies around via a bunch of appendages on its earlier. What is this, Gobblegut? You need to damages the appendages, however you"ll need to do it through the Dragon Boost. It flies about really quick. And it will certainly go into a pattern of strikes. First, an energy beam that just Dragon Boosting deserve to assist you obtain away from. 2nd, a bite assault. Self-explanatory. And ultimately, a flurry of fireballs. Dragon Boost, anyone? You do not need to damage all of the appendages. Just as many type of until the dragon"s eyes begin flashing yellow. Then strike the eyes, and also it"s down for good. It takes a long time, but you"ll acquire it inevitably. And it will certainly be Lilac"s ride towards Battle Glacier wright here it deserve to ram right into Syntax"s troops, shoot energy balls at them, or even usage that mouth beam. It"s the just means to obtain to Battle Glacier without shedding a single life. And that"s simply sad. But awesome.Well, there"s just one boss left, and you can more than likely guess that that is. He"s the finest one in the game for certain.1. BrevonThat"s ideal. Lord Brevon is the finest boss in the game. And can you blame me for that? The man is pretty much what Eggguy used to be in the Sonic Satam cartoon and also tried to be in Forces. He right up murders those that stand also in his means. He did that thing to Milla I stated earlier. He took over Shuigang by brainwashing Prince Dail. What even more can I say? I recognize, just how about his boss fight? He starts off in his war ship, the Absolution...(Show the Absolution from the old Toonami days)No, not that Absolution! This was actually combated in Battle Glacier, yet I didn"t bvarious other pointing out it there bereason it is combated again, and this ship will leap right into the air, fire shots at you, try to usage a gatling gun to assault from behind, fly about to hit you at high speed, and in this create, fire toxic missiles at you. It"s that vicious. His second phase has him fighting in some type of mech suit that fires laser shots, sends out streams of flames throughout the field, casts an all-angle energy blast, and even does something like Duo"s charge attack from Mega Man 8 for starters. But when that"s down, if you"re fighting as Milla, that"s pretty much it for her, but as Carol or Lilac, there"s one final mano-a-mano fight through this guy. And he pulls no punches whatsoever. He"ll begin via a mad dash slash assault that is his many effective attack. Then he"ll throw some bombs and also try to toss you right into their selection of explosion. And then he"ll fire a laser. It has a pattern going for it. Eexceptionally couple of trends, he"ll do a triple shield dive from the left, the facility, and the right. Memorize this pattern, and also you have to be able to take down Lord Brevon and take the Kingdom Stone earlier for excellent. He might acquire amethod, yet the satisfaction of pulverizing the guy has never felt so cathartic. And that"s why, while it is noticeable, Lord Brevon is the best boss of Freedom Planet.So, tbelow we go. That"s all the bosses of an indie game motivated by Sonic and also other Sega titles of the 16-little era from worst to ideal. And I am hoping that the upcoming sequel will have actually just as memorable bosses, if not much better. Though, I highly doubt anyone can top Lord Brevon. But we"ll see. We"ll watch. And hopefully, they"ll buff Carol a little. Just saying. And thanks to
for introducing me to this game. See you in Avalice"s next story!Dandy AndyDeviant Art

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