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The running scene was inspired by an actual event. In 1982, Louis Michael Figueroa, age 16, ran from New Jersey to San Francisco for the American Cancer Society, unknowingly inspiring a line for Forrest Gump’s famous run on the silver screen. “I just put one foot in front of the other,” it goes. “When I get tired, I sleep. When I get hungry, I eat. When I have to go to the bathroom, I go.”


When Jenny is throwing stones at the house where she grew up, she suddenly collapses onto the ground in front of the house. The image of Jenny on the ground is almost identical to that captured in the famous Andrew Wyeth painting, Christina’s World.







The Dr. Pepper scene was shot a total of seven times. Each time Tom gave forth louder to loudest and unusually loud burps, to which Zemeckis comments to Hanks, and Hanks responds with, ” “Bob, just be glad they aren’t coming out the other end.”

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