Elon Musk’s Brain Microchip Company Neuralink Raises $205 Million

While Elon Musk’s fellow billionaires are blasting off into space, his sights are set on curing neurological conditions through his brain-microchip company, Neuralink. Recently, the company raised $205 million to further its mission.

The funding round was led by Vy Capital, a venture capital firm out of Dubai, with participation from Google, Founders Fund, DFJ Growth, Valor Equity Partners, Craft Ventures, Gigafund, and others.

Neuralink aims to treat brain-related ailments with microchips.

Musk, who is most known as the founder of the Tesla electric car company and SpaceX, co-founded Neuralink in 2016. The neurotechnology startup’s mission is to develop implantable BMI (brain-machine interfaces) in the form of wireless microchips in the brain that can treat various brain-related ailments like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and spinal cord injuries.

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Neuralink’s first product, the N1 Link, is designed to help quadriplegics “regain their digital freedom by allowing users to interact with their computers or phones in a high bandwidth and naturalistic way,” the company said in a statement. Once implanted, the invisible1024 channel device transmits data via a wireless connection.

“First @Neuralink product will enable someone with paralysis to use a smartphone with their mind faster than someone using thumbs,” Musk tweeted on Apr. 8.

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“Later versions will be able to shunt signals from Neuralinks in brain to Neuralinks in body motor/sensory neuron clusters, thus enabling, for example, paraplegics to walk again,” he tweeted. “The device is implanted flush with skull & charges wirelessly, so you look & feel totally normal.”

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Neuralink is also developlng a robotic system for neurosurgeons to use to implant the devices. Musk envisions the procedure to be done within an hour.

Source: Neuralink YouTube

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