Eleven Of The Craziest Stories From The Set Of ‘Roseanne’

9. She was inspired for the show by ‘All in the Family’

all in the family
‘All in the Family’ / Tandem Productions

Roseanne wanted her character to be a female Archie Bunker. She was very inspired by All in the Family and loved the show.

10. When Disney purchased ABC, they made one change to the show

roseanne disney world
Disney World / ABC

Disney had the writers create an episode where the Conners went to Disney World. They hoped it would boost ticket sales.

11. Roseanne had to hide her plastic surgery scars in season 6

roseanne looking orange
‘Roseanne’ / ABC

In some of the episodes, Roseanne looks a bit orange. It was because she had plastic surgery and they had to cover up her scars with tons of makeup.

Learn what Roseanne Barr’s reaction was when they took her out of The Conners!

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