Eleven Fun Facts About The Show ‘Who’s The Boss?’

6. The house in the opening credits is actually in New York

whos the boss house rye new york
House in Rye, New York / Pinterest

More specifically, 3344 Oak Hills Drive in Rye, New York.

7. There were several spin-offs but they didn’t last

living dolls
‘Living Dolls’ / ABC

The two spin-off series were called Charmed Lives and Living Dolls. Neither lasted very long, but Living Dolls was Halle Berry‘s acting debut.

8. Frank Sinatra appeared on the show

For instance, Frank appeared as a cameo in one episode after Tony asked his daughter, Tina, if he would appear.

9. Alyssa Milano wanted to leave the show to enroll in school

alyssa milano
Alyssa Milano / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

For instance, she wanted to go to school, but the network convinced her to stay on.

10. Tony and Angela were supposed to get married in the final season

tony angela whos the boss
Tony and Angela / ABC

However, the producers thought it would be better if their relationship would be left open-ended. The producers thought that viewers liked the sexual tension and it would increase ratings.

11. Alyssa Milano was asked who the boss really was

mona katherine helmond
Mona / ABC

In conclusion, she replied, “Mona. Duh.” Do you agree?

Sadly, Katherine Helmond recently passed away. Learn more here.

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