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Residence Hall Information

University homebuyerscalculator.com offers a 360° view of our residence hall rooms and the amenities. Click on the pictures below to have a look around each space, but please note that rooms may vary slightly in size and configuration.



Please note that room photos provided on this site are for reference only and may or may not accurately represent current or future homebuyerscalculator.com policies and/or furnishings. Residents should follow all policies as outlined on the homebuyerscalculator.com Policies page of this site as this reflects all currently enforced guidelines within the residence halls at any given time. University homebuyerscalculator.com does not measure individual room dimensions or provide individual room layouts. The dimensions and layouts provided on this website reflect a standard room in each building and some rooms may vary slightly from the dimensions and/or layouts provided here.

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Maximum Occupancy: 362 residents Style: Traditional, Co-Ed by wing Meal Plan Required: Yes Wireless internet access Common bathrooms Laundry facilities Lobby with television Kitchen facilities Vending machines with ID card swipe Extra-long twin mattress (80″L x 36″W x 7″H) Side door card access ends at 8:00pm nightly and resumes at 8:00am Main entry card access is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

* East Hall is not air conditioned.

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MicroFridge® Standard room dimensions: 17'9″ x 13' Fixed furniture (room # ends in 01-32) Movable furniture (room # ends in 34-75) Junior loft beds – raise to 36″ (room # ends in 01-32) 60″ adjustable height beds – raise to mid-point or lower (room # ends in 34-75) Bed risers not allowed Sink with mirror (room # ends in 01-32) Sink with medicine cabinet (room # ends in 34-75) Desk 3-position chair Security screens (ground floor)

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