Dog Chapman Says His Kids Are “Barely Making It” After Beth’s Death

Just a few months after Beth Chapman’s death, Dog and his family are still grieving and trying to cope. As expected, some of the kids are really not having an easy time processing everything after the death. Dog actually admits to PEOPLE Now that some of his kids are “barely making it” as a result.

“Each one copes differently, there is a few that really barely making it,” Dog said. “We don’t know what to do. We haven’t read, we weren’t prepared,” Dog explains to the news outlet.

The patriarch continues to talk about Beth’s death and how they’re all coping with it

dog chapman says some of his kids are barely making it after beth's death
Dog Chapman / People NOW

Dog continues in the interview, “I lost my mother first, and when my mom passed away, I’m like, ‘I wish dad would have died first, you know, ’cause I love my mommy.’ So I went to them and said, ‘I’m so sorry that I didn’t die first and mom did.’ ”

“And they were like, ‘Yeah dad, why?’ ” Duane adds. “So I was like, ‘Oh my god, I know what that feels like, I should’ve been the one. The guy goes first.’ “

Dog has to get used to new father roles and responsibilities

dog and beth chapman with some of their kids
Dog, Beth, and some of their kids / Instagram

When Beth died, she left behind four of her children… Bonnie Chapman, 20, Garry Chapman, 18, Dominic Davis, 34, and Cecily Chapman, 26 (Beth’s daughter with her ex-husband that Dog would soon adopt).

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Dog continues in the interview, “So that’s hard for them. … And I guess I’m the softy of the group, because I never wanted to punish. I said, ‘Your mom is gonna get you if you don’t do that.’ So now I gotta be the one that does that, and I don’t like that and they don’t either.”

The patriarch, nevertheless, continues to care for his family during this hard time

dog and beth chapman
Dog and Beth Chapman / Instagram

Dog adds that while the kids are trying to help out as much as they can, most of the responsibilities are still on him. “They are helping cook, because Beth was a fantastic cook,” Dog reveals. “I am doing their laundry, I’m vacuuming, making my own bed. So I don’t wanna lie, they do nothing. They’re kids. … It’s just, ‘Dad’s there, he can do it.’ “

Regardless of anything, it must be extremely difficult to have to adjust to life without the matriarch of the household. All of us at DYR hope and wish the best for this family during what must be such a difficult time.

dog and beth chapman with some of their kids
Dog, Beth, and some of their kids / Instagram

See what Dog Chapman has to say about dating rumors surfacing… no surprise, he will always turn to Beth!

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