Does Target Price Match?

As the major shopping season of the year draws nearer, you may be wondering about your favorite retailers’ sales and pricing policies. Target is one such top retailer to consider. Does Target offer price matching for its products, and how does the company handle the process?

What do Target customers need to do to get a price match?

Target customers will need to be aware of Target’s specific price matching guidelines in order to obtain that benefit. First of all, price matching is only available on qualifying purchases, and there are exceptions to the types of items eligible for price matching. 

The general rule for price matching is that a customer must have purchased an identical item at a local or online competitor, or at Target.com. If you find a lower price advertised on the same exact item at another qualifying retailer, bring in the full ad or show it on your mobile device at a Target retailer to receive the item at the matched lower price.

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The lower price must be advertised within 14 days of your original purchase at Target.com or a competing retailer, but for the 2020 holiday season, Target is adjusting the 14-day rule on price matches. 

Source: Target Press Materials

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