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Vintage paper-mache 7″ JOL figure with paper inserts


If you can’t find an original vintage paper maché lantern and would like to make one for a Halloween gathering; there are instructions for making a paper maché  JOL lantern online.

Halloween Candy Molded-Plastic Candy Containers

Ghosts, goblins, and witches….Oh, my!

Vintage ’50s-’60s molded, hard plastic candy containers produced by the E. Rosen Company, Rosbro Plastics and by the Kokomo Mfg Company-especially the Halloween containers- can be quite collectible. After WWII whimsical novelties were mass-produced to sell during the holidays. Consumers could find them at the local “five-and-dime” stores (e.g., Woolworth’s, Woolco, Ben Franklin).  Halloween candy containers were shaped in the traditional scary characters: witches, JOL’s, cats, ghosts, scarecrows and cats.

Unbelievably, a Halloween candy container you originally paid 50 cents; could now to worth more than $400!

(I remember getting these cellophane-wrapped, candy-filled containers as gifts from my Dad and Mom, or from relatives during the holidays.)

Some years ago, I was conducting a clean-out of a hoarders house and discovered a, E. Rosen Halloween witch candy-filled container with the candy still inside the ribbon tied cellophane.  Undoubtedly, the candy wasn’t considered edible. I sold it online for $175.)

Vintage Haloween Rosen Rosbro, plastic candy container. Selling range-$300-$450


Vintage Halloween Rosen, Rosbro hard plastic candy containers. Sold for over $600 online


View more information: https://doyouremember.com/48327/know-vintage-halloween-themed-paraphernalia-merchandise-can-worth-1000/2

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