Did You Know These ‘Andy Griffith Show’ Actors Had An Affair?

Andy Griffith was very attractive to most women back when the show was on. Turns out that he had a real-life affair with one of the women while filming The Andy Griffith Show. Even though they tried to keep it under wraps, the entire cast and crew reportedly knew about it!

Even though Andy was married to Barbara Bray Edwards at the time, he reportedly had a fling with Aneta Corsaut. She played the schoolteacher Helen Crump. They dated on the show and became romantically involved and tried to keep it a secret.

Andy had an affair with actress Aneta Corsaut

andy griffith aneta corsaut affair
‘THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW,’ from left: Andy Griffith, Aneta Corsaut, 1967, (1960-1968). ph: Gene Trindl / TV Guide / Courtesy Everett Collection

Author Daniel de Visé said, “Andy couldn’t get enough of Aneta. Eventually, he proposed, even though he was already married. He popped the question at least once and possibly two or three times, as Aneta hinted in later years. She turned him down.”

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Andy Griffith, Aneta Corsaut
‘THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW,’ Andy Griffith, Aneta Corsaut, 1960-68 / Everett Collection

At one point, the entire cast and crew found out about the affair. They tried to play a joke on Andy and Aneta and showed up at a hotel where they were sneaking around. It didn’t end well and they were very upset.

Did you know that Andy and Aneta had an affair?

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