Cruise critic app for android

I have actually been unable to log in to both Android and also Apple apps...however desktop functions fine ?


Cheers Steve



Are the phone and iPad cruise critic apps still working ?


I have been unable to log in to both Android and also Apple apps...yet desktop computer functions fine ?


Cheers Steve

The apps have actually not worked in months, given that the update to the forums. We are told that they are working on it, however no ETA.

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I think that the latest variation of the Tapatalk app functions.


It"s been reported that work-related is being done on the CC application, however at the moment I don"t believe it is compatible with the brand-new website.


The new website is much more mobile friendly. I"ve uncovered that placing bookmarks on a residence display screen simplifies access. https://homebuyerscalculator.com/discover/followed-content/?&stream_read=unread will screen a list new posts in adhered to content. https://homebuyerscalculator.com.cruisemovie critic.com/discover/ lists new posts. https://homebuyerscalculator.com/ will display screen the forum list.

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Posted April 28, 2019


Cool CruiserMembers1,149 posts September 15, 2008 Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Posted April 28, 2019

Thank you both for your responses..cheers 

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Posted May 1, 2019


3,000+ ClubMembers3,677 short articles September 26, 2006 Western PA, US
Posted May 1, 2019

I believe that the latest version of the Tapatalk application functions.

It appears the last update to Tapatalk (ver 8.2.1) has a problem logging in to cruise critic. It keeps cycling back to the login page



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Organized Chaos

Posted May 1, 2019

Organized Chaos

5,000+ ClubMembers5,225 articles August 12, 2016
Posted May 1, 2019
4 hours earlier, h20skibum said:

It appears the last upday to Tapatalk (ver 8.2.1) has actually a difficulty logging in to cruise critic. It keeps cycling ago to the login page


I logged in and it did carry up the login box again, but I closed it and also was actually logged in.

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But that"s a pest you"ll have to report to its developer via their App Store/Play Store page because it"s a third-party app not linked via Cruise Critic.

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