Clint Eastwood Turns 90 Today, Here Are His Top Badass Moments

If you want to be in for the long haul, you just have to trust your judgment about the material. … If you go whoring for the money, the audiences will figure you out. They know when you’re being a jerk, when you’re just trying to get them in a room and show them a movie you don’t even care about.
Clint Eastwood, 1993


Clint Eastwood, or Clinton Eastwood Jr. was born on May 31, 1930. He is an American actor, a filmmaker, a musician, and even a political figure. After gaining success in the Western TV series Rawhide (1959-1965), he climbed the ladder  to universal fame, playing the part of the “Man with No Name” in the Dollars trilogy of spaghetti Westerns by Sergio Leone and as the antagonistic protagonist cop “Harry Callahan” in the five Dirty Harry throughout the 1970s and 1980s. These roles, along with many others, have molded Eastwood into the solidified cultural image of masculinity. The following are our top favorite moments of the famous snarling gun slinger’s acting work.

  • “Go ahead, make my day.” Sudden Impact (1983)

Can you believe Eastwood was like, sixty-something in this film?

  • “Get three coffins ready.” A Fistful of Dollars (1964)

    The coolest part of this clip is when Clint asks for an apology from the three, and they laugh- all except for one who looks like he is about to pee his pants!

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    • The famous Mexican Standoff  The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (1966)
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The most excellent part about this scene is when Blondie shoots Angel Eyes, who collapses. Blondie then shoots him again, killing him, and he then literally slides him into an open grave. After that, Blondie walks towards Tuco, nonchalantly shooting Angel Eyes’ gun and hat into the grave, he picks up the stone, and gives Tuco a smirk. Blondie had unloaded Tucos gun before the standoff!

  • “Do you feel lucky, punk?” Dirty Harry (1971)

    The part that makes this scene so cool is when the robber gasps, “Wait! I gots to know!” and Harry lets him know by simply pointing point the gun and shooting at him, drawing nothing but an blank click. This whole speech was the worlds wisest bluff. Then he laughs and goes on his merry way. What a dude.

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  • The shootout at the whorehouse Unforgiven (1992)

    The coolest part about this scene is the dialogue:
    -“He shoulda armed himself if he was going to decorate his saloon with my friend.”

    -“I don’t deserve this. I was building a house!”
    “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

    -“Who did you kill next? Clive, or Deputy Andy?”
    “All I can tell ya is who’s going to be last.”

    -“I was lucky in the order. But I’ve always been lucky when it comes to killin folks.”

    -“Alright, I’m comin out! Any man I see I’m going to kill. Any man that shoots at me, I’m gonna kill him, his wife, all his friends. I’m gonna burn his damn house down. No one better shoot!”

    -“You better bury Ned right! You better not cut up any whores! Or I’ll come back and kill everyone of you sons of bitches.”

    -And, in my opinion, the best quote from any Clint Eastwood western ever;
    “Be you William Munny out of Missouri? Killer of women and children?”
    -“Thats right. I’ve killed women. I’ve killed children. I’ve killed just about everything that walked or crawled at one point. And now I’m here to kill you Little Bill, for what you done to Ned.”

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