Cecily Chapman Looks Just Like Her Late Mother Beth Chapman

UPDATED 3/5/21

27-year-old Cecily Chapman shared a photo that proves she looks just like her late mother Beth Chapman. Cecily is the daughter of Beth from a previous relationship with Keith Barmore. Cecily shared a pouty selfie with long blonde hair, just like her mother had. Sadly, Beth died in June 2019 after a long battle with cancer.

Almost all of the comments are from fans telling Cecily how much she looks like her mom. Some even did a double-take and thought it was an old photo of Beth at first!

This year, Cecily and the rest of the family were able to honor Beth at the one-year anniversary of her passing in Hawaii and Colorado.

Beth Chapman’s daughter Cecily looks just like her these days

Cecily said, “I thought a lot about planning it and making it perfect for her, making the best flowers. It was definitely something I worked on all month long just to make sure that it was perfect. Then when the day came, I was really focused on what was going on. So it was kind of a bittersweet distraction. I was constantly on the move and I constantly had something to do all day. And that kind of got me through it.”

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She continued, “Once it was all said and done it was a bittersweet feeling …I felt really sad because I didn’t want it to be the one year already. I felt like I was at peace but it has still taken me a while to share these pictures because I felt like it was just so precious to me at the time.”

Sending peace to the beautiful Cecily and the rest of Beth’s family. In conclusion, take a look back at Beth on Dog The Bounty Hunter. We miss her so much!

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