Cataracts: Castor Oil Eyes Safe To Put Castor Oil In My Eyes?

From your eyes to your brows to yours lashes, Castor Oil can be the next great addition to your eyecare routine. It can also help with a variety of eye ailments ranging from dryness & redness to cataracts & conjunctivitis.

As we discuss in our first post about Castor Oil Therapy, castor oil has been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years, by several different ancient civilizations like the Egyptians. One of its main benefits was to help with constipation and help induce labor, but over time, more benefits and ways to use castor oil have been discovered. Now, you can use Castor Oil for Weight Loss, Castor Oil for Hair, and castor oil to help with menstrual cramps, treat arthritis and improve your haircare routine.

Castor oil is a carrier oil that can be combined with other essential oils in simple DIY blends and recipes. It also has plenty of therapeutic benefits just on its own.

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Castor oil is derived from the beans of the castor plant (Ricinus communis) and the process to create the oil neutralizes the otherwise toxic compound ricin.


Castor Oil for Eyebrow Growth

There are many different causes for thinning eyebrows. From genetics and heredity to hormone imbalances or nutrient deficiencies. Even damage from over-waxing or shaving can hurt your hair follicles and cause the eyebrows to grow back thinner.

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Castor oil has several benefits that help restore healthy eyebrows. The antioxidants and fatty acids contained in castor oil stimulate blood circulation in the skin, nourish follicles and stimulates hair growth.

Here’s our simple 5 steps to access the benefits of castor oil and reclaim your health healthy eyebrows!

5 Simple Steps to Use Castor Oil for Eyebrows

Start by washing your face and eyebrows with light soap before bed; then rinse off and dry with a towel.Evenly apply a few drops of castor oil to a clean cotton swab or mascara brush depending on eyebrow volume.Run the swab or brush over the area you’d like to stimulate growth.Next, massage the castor oil into the area and leave on.In the morning, wash the oil away with the same light soap!

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