Black spots on cauliflower safe to eat

What you see: Brvery own spots on cauliflower. What it is: Bruising, the majority of most likely from bumping into various other cauliflower heads, or cold temperatures. Eat or toss: Eat! This is simply a minor injury, though the caulifreduced is more delicate to rot, so don’t delay.

So, deserve to you eat cauliflower via brvery own spots and dots?

First, consider that cauliflowers are just huge tender heads.

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As cruciferous vegetables go, cauliflower is harvested as soon as it’s specifically immature, once the curds consisted of of little buds on its head are still hard and also barely resemble the flowers they’d bimpend right into, if just we left them the area.

Their immaturity also provides them more vulnerable. So, even though caulifreduced have the right to seem frustratingly difficult when you’re chopping it for your favorite recipe, it additionally bruises conveniently.

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(Speaking of favorite caulifreduced recipes, here’s mine, though I include method even more garlic and rosemary and bake both ideal in.)

For the journeying caulifreduced, it’s often a bumpy ride

When you picture crates of cauliflowers traveling in trucks, it’s basic to imagine just how they can bruise each various other on a bumpy ride. On impact, their cells deserve to rupture or otherwise experience damages that reasons chemicals to leak and mingle via each various other and oxygen. All this outcomes in that brown shade. Too-cold storage temps can likewise hurt the cells sufficient for them to release the enzymes that lead to browning.

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“It’s not going to hurt you, it just doesn’t look great visually,” sassist Chris Gunter, vegetable production specialist at North Carolina State University. “With cauliflower, you’re handling an immature inflorescence. So the shelf life is really vulnerable.”

(That’s right — inflorescence. That pretty word describes a cluster of flowers on a branch or cluster of branches.)

Inspect the cauliflower

So, if you see these brvery own spots, don’t worry—your caulifreduced is probably still fine, just a tiny little bit bruised.

But, as usual, the proof of some damaged cells implies you need to prioritize eating; it’s now on a faster track to going negative. Inspect for indicators any type of opportunistic microbes or fungus may have erected shop (i.e. visible mold, soft, rotting tissue, or black dots, which might be a fungus). If all you’re seeing are these brown freckles, then go ahead and also make that cauliflower mash, or gratin or “steak” or …. Mmm. cauliflower is so good, right?


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