Best Hydroelectric Stocks for Investors in 2021

Despite Brazilian headquarters, Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras Eletrobras (NYSE:EBR) is listed on a U.S. exchange, which makes it easier for Americans to invest.

Referred to as “Eletrobras” for short, the company operates 48 hydroelectric plants, which makes this form of energy the most prominent in the company’s portfolio. Electrobras is researching and engineering possible opportunities in new places, like the international stretch of the Uruguay River and the Bolivian-Brazilian Madeira River basin. It’s worth noting that there have been conflicts with Amazon tribes in the past, which ultimately led Eletrobras to terminate contracts.

EBR stock is up 26.83 percent YTD. Despite volatility, the long-term returns are promising. The one-year and five-year returns are 54.46 percent and 266.53 percent, respectively.

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