Apple’s Supply Chain Ranked 1st in the World

A number of suppliers around the world make Apple’s products and components. The final assembly of most products happens mainly in China. In January 2012, a Reuters report said Apple revealed its list of global suppliers for the first time. Thus, the company intends to deal with reports of poor working conditions in some of its Asian supply chain locations.

Apple has built a closed ecosystem. The company controls nearly every activity in the supply chain, from design to retail. AAPL outsourced its assembly for economic reasons. However, AAPL partnered with manufacturing companies that understand that Apple’s products require different techniques and approaches. This means they often must be accommodated by very little lead time. Also, the company faces a number of expectations from suppliers and draws up exclusivity agreements for key components. According to this article, all plans are carried out in secrecy to avoid information leaks.

View more information: https://marketrealist.com/2019/11/apples-supply-chain-ranked-1st-in-the-world/

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