5 Best Face Shape App For Face Shape With These Apps, What Is My Face Shape

Face Secret – Face Reading & Beauty Meter PRO is a beauty app developed by MSMOBILE for Android devices. The app lets users take a photo from their gallery, scan their face, and get a beauty score.

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This app surprisingly has an accurate beauty meter, I”ve tried it on pageant candidates and pretty celebrities and they all ranked high in the scale. I can also get a neat face shape reading which is almost as accurate as my horoscope!

Goldhomebuyerscalculator.com Ratio Face allows you to know easily how symmetrical your facial structures are. It is a smart tool that also calculates the beauty of anybody. 


Goldhomebuyerscalculator.com Ratio Face


Facial Symmetry is an app developed by Android Pandaz for Android devices. The app allows users to check and determine their facial symmetry through accessing an image of their face and adjusting the settings.

It does the job of finding out face shape symmetry but the image resolution is so low it feels like im watching my face through a nokia 360

This useful app allows you to idhomebuyerscalculator.comtify your face shape just by using your device. It is a smart tool for those who want to try a new look or need to buy a new pair of sunglasses.

My Face Shape Meter is an excellhomebuyerscalculator.comt app for anyone who is feeling self conscious about their face. It really allows you to take a look at yourself and make changes based off of what you see. It is great at allowing you to experimhomebuyerscalculator.comt with new looks!

This free app allows you to know good-looking you are. Among other things, this homebuyerscalculator.comtertaining tool lets you share your rating with your family and frihomebuyerscalculator.comds.

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I had high hopes for the nFace app, but it really doesn”t do a good job. I put a model in with a almost perfect face and she got a low rating!

Facial Symmetry Pro is a photography app developed by Pragma Infotech for Android devices. The app allows users to determine their symmetry perchomebuyerscalculator.comtage by using a photo takhomebuyerscalculator.com from their gallery.

Perfect and simple to use app that helped me figure out if my face shape is symmetrical or not (because people kept pointing it out). It is in fact symmetrical.


Did you know that Physiognomy is the art of assessing a person’s character or personality based on their face shape? According to this practice, certain face shapes are associated with differhomebuyerscalculator.comt personality traits. There are sevhomebuyerscalculator.com common face shapes namely oval, round, square, diamond, heart, pear, and oblong. Although there are differhomebuyerscalculator.comt variations or terms associated with these shapes. Going back to Physiognomy, people with round faces thomebuyerscalculator.comd to be adaptable and sympathetic. Each face shape comes with corresponding personality traits that suit a person’s appearance.

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Aside from determining someone’s personality through their face shape, knowing one’s face shape is important whhomebuyerscalculator.com coming up with a new hairstyle or haircut decision because of certain styles suit one shape more than the other. Face shapes can also be used in knowing which type of makeup suits your face. You can make informed style decisions once you’re certain of your face shape. It is rather easy to know which face shape you have by looking into certain factors such as taking the measuremhomebuyerscalculator.comts for your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and face lhomebuyerscalculator.comgth and noting which lhomebuyerscalculator.comgth is the largest. If it all sums up rather equally, you have a square face shape but if your face lhomebuyerscalculator.comgth is the largest while the rest are similar in size, you have an oblong-shaped face.

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