AMMO Stock Is Rising, Looks Like a Speculative Stock for Investors

In general, firearm stocks have been rising amid the uncertain political climate. Regarding the recent news flow over POWW stock, on Jan. 4, the company provided its guidance for the third quarter of fiscal 2021 guidance. The company expects its revenues to rise 500 percent year-over-year.

In a surprising move, within two weeks, AMMO provided the guidance for its revenue in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021, which it expects to rise 317 percent. Commenting on the guidance, AMMO CEO Fred Wagenhals said, “The Company expects market demand to continue to increase given the recent outcome of the U.S. Senate elections in Georgia, the resulting political uncertainty and impact upon the ammunition and gun industry.”

In between these two guidances, AMMO also announced plans to construct a new plant with an investment of $12 million, which would double its capacity in Wisconsin. The markets received all of this news positively and POWW stock has soared this year.

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