Amethyst Crystals, Known For Their Healing Powers, Are Huge In Alternative Medicine


Other Amethyst Quartz Gemstone Health Benefits:

  1. Amethyst can strengthen our adrenal glands, reproductive organs, and the heart.
  2. The crystals can work in strengthening the immune system and help to obtain a speedy recovery from a severe illness.
  3. Scientific research indicates that exposure to amethyst crystals “far-infrared radiation” may increase antioxidant activity within certain foods; promote repair mechanisms found in skin tissue.
  4. It aids in inhibiting bacterial growth by holding back the actions of particular growth-promoting enzymes.
  5. The negative ions found in amethyst (but not harmful), actually are essential for promoting our health. The ions appear to attract toxic particles and remove them from the body and promote cell regeneration.
  6. Amethyst stones can enhance physical vitality after exposure to radiation, chemotherapy, or pharmaceutical treatments.
  7. Other attributes include positive dreams, peace, love, courage, intelligence, happiness, and the ability to lift your spirits, meditate and get in touch with your inner self.
  8. It can stimulate, soothe and calm the mind; and stabilize mental disorders.
  9. Amethyst stones can guard against drunkenness and help detox the body and help overcome alcohol addiction.
  10. Moreover, the amethyst is said to help cure headaches, dissolve blood clots in the veins, hearing and eye disorders (improve your eyesight by gently gazing into an amethyst orb), and other body pains.
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A totally beautiful and remarkable gemstone!

dark amethyst

Where Can I Find Amethyst Crystals?

Purchase authentic amethyst (not colored amethyst glass, or laboratory-made quartz crystals) online, at any “new age” gift store, or any rock and mineral shop. Keep in mind: The best and most powerful amethyst are those with clarity and have the deepest purple hues. These also will be the most expensive. Be careful, as laboratories can grow most quartz crystals today.

Tip: To relax and increase awareness, hold a cluster of amethyst crystals in your left hand when mediating to pull energy into the body.

Patricia Penke, holding a huge amethyst crystal geode chunk. Great source for an alternate healing of the body.

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If you’re seeking greater intuition and positive energy, get some amethyst crystal stones and enter the “Purple Haze!”




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