A Look at Total Assets under Management

Of State Street’s total AUM of ~$2.8 trillion in 2017, the fixed income and cash components totaled $414.0 billion and $330.0 billion, respectively. In the fixed-income component, the long-term institutional inflows stood at $94.0 billion and outflows stood at $92.0 billion. So, net long-term institutional inflows stood at $2.0 billion.

In 2017, overall market appreciation resulted in an increase of $15.0 billion in the contribution of fixed income component.

While State Street’s price-to-cash-flow ratio is ~5.4x on an LTM basis, peers Franklin Resources (BEN), Northern Trust Corporation (NTRS), and BlackRock (BLK) have price-to-cash-flow ratios of ~18.6x, ~13.8x, and 22.6x, respectively, on an LTM basis.

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