91-Year-Old Diane Hoffman Breaks USA Track & Field World Record

Diane Hoffman, who is 91 years old, just broke two U.S. running records for her age group. How incredible! Upon doing this, she obtains a world record as well. The official Twitter account for USATF New England confirms the news in a tweet, introducing the 91-year-old athlete.

“Diane Hoffman, 91, breaks the WORLD RECORD in the 400m dash for women’s 90-95 age group! Diane split a 2:44.25, to beat the existing WR of 2:46.56…and she’s not done yet!” they say.

Hoffman’s background isn’t even in running

Hoffman was participating in the USA Track & Field’s New England Open & Masters Championship in Worcester, Massachusetts. Upon doing so, she sets new U.S. records for women ages 90-94 in the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints.

The 91-year-old breaks the world record for the 400-meter sprint by running 2:44:25 in the single-lap distance. The record previously held by Emilia Garcia de Fontán of Colombia ran it in 2:46.56.

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