9 Things You Used To Do When You Were Little (Or Still Do!)

There were definitely things we used to do when we were little. Whether they were brought on by our parents or our own curiosity/boredom, you can admit you’ve done them before. I’m talking about things like playing ‘the floor is lava’ or making a pillow fort!

This was pretty much the epitome of everyone’s childhood. Some of these things we might even still do, or have passed along to other kids for their entertainment. Here are 9 things you used to do when you were little (or might even still do)!

1. Blow bubbles into a drink through a straw


Who used to do this and still does this? No better way to tick off your parents at dinner!

2. Trying to use “the Force” to lift objects by pointing at it

the force
Shawn Collins // Flickr

Whether you were pointing or gesturing to it, you just expected it to lift up off the ground. Every time.

3. Tried to balance the light switch between “on” and “off”

light switch
Public Domain Pictures

But, alas, there was no way to keep the light switch perfectly in the middle.

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4. Accidentally calling your teacher “mom”


Or when your waiter tells you to enjoy your meal, you respond with, “You, too!”

5. Tilting the game controller even though that solves literally nothing

video games
Wikimedia Commons

Kids today still do this and it still doesn’t make anything even a little bit different.

6. Playing “the floor is lava”

Wikimedia Commons

If the floor actually looked like this, I don’t think anybody would be going near it or hopping over it!

7. Making a pillow fort

pillow fort
Seamus McCauley // Flickr

Who else had a competition to see who could make the biggest pillow fort ever?

8. Yelling “stay” at inanimate objects to stop them from falling over


Similar to a game of Jenga, sometimes yelling “stay!” at inanimate objects can help them keep their balance. Sometimes.

9. Used empty paper towel rolls as swords

paper towel roll
Wendy Berry // Flickr

Who needs light sabers when you can use empty paper towel rolls instead?

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