9 Brilliant Key Hacks That Will Seriously Change Your Life

When it comes to our keys, we’ve all got embarrassing stories about locking them inside the house, leaving them in the car, or just losing them altogether. It inevitably happens to everyone: house keys are pretty small, after all, and they’re easy to misplace.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Did you know that with a little bit of masking tape, a screwdriver, and some ingenuity, you can make your life so much easier? Not only that, but your keys are actually good for more than you might think.

These nine hacks (and a BONUS HACK by Martha Stewart on Page 3!) will change the way you’ll use yours forever. When you see them, you’ll really never want to lose your keys ever again!

Almost everyone that carries a set of keys with them has had the unfortunate experience of losing them at some point; they’re small and easy to misplace, after all. Only, you probably had no idea that a basic key can do a heck of a lot more than just open a door. Here are nine hacks involving keys that will make your life much simpler!

1. Hide a key under a rock: Getting locked out of your home or vehicle is a huge headache. But it’s also one that can be avoided if you take the right precaution. Use a piece of masking tape to affix a spare key to a rock in your yard in case you get locked out.


2. Use a pill bottle: If you want something a little more secure, super glue a rock to the top of an old prescription bottle and store your keys that way. The bottle will ensure that it doesn’t pick up any dirt or grime while it stays hidden.

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3. Attach your spare key to your car behind your license plate: Using one of the screws to keep it in place, stick the key behind your license plate for extra security. This secret location is one that no one would ever think to look, so take advantage of this great trick!

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