7 ‘All In The Family’ Episodes That Shaped Television Into What It Is Today

4. “Gloria Sings the Blues”

Gloria Sings the Blues all in the family
Gloria Sings the Blues / ABC

Gloria is going through a crisis in which she says she looks at Mike and feels like she doesn’t know him anymore. Edith lends some of her wisdom and advice to her, saying she had a similar situation happen with Archie. It’s a real look into showing the realistic problems of some marriages.

5. “The Bunkers and The Swingers”

the bunkers and the swingers all in the family
The Bunkers and The Swingers / ABC

Edith responds to a personal ad from a couple seeking “new friends.” This couple turns out to be a couple of spouse swappers and, well, you can guess how that played out. It’s a “no” from the Bunkers! Let’s not forget an absolutely hysterical line from this episode. “What do you call it [swinging]?” asks the couple. “Communism!” Archie answers. Classic.

6. “Two’s A Crowd”

two's a crowd all in the family
Two’s a Crowd / ABC

In this episode, Mike accidentally locks himself and Archie into the bar’s storeroom so the two decide to get drunk and share secrets. More interestingly, Archie reveals that he allegedly inherited his racial tendencies from his father, but that it would be a betrayal to change them. It gets pretty deep!

7. “Archie in the Cellar”

archie in the cellar
Archie in the Cellar / ABC

Another episode that truly shows Archie’s comedic brilliance… and also another episode in which a character locks themselves in. And another episode where there’s alcohol involved. When Archie accidentally locks himself in the cellar and everyone’s gone for the weekend, he gets drunk and makes out his will on a tape recorder. At one point, he even believes he is meeting God.

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In light of the 7th episode we shared, check out a scene from when Archie believes he’s meeting God in “Archie in the Cellar” below:

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